Myths of this World by Dave Crane

Myths of this World

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72 pages of comic strips telling stories that start out with myths from Australia, Africa, the Himalayas, Ireland, and China, and end up in a diverse range of interesting places...

The Moon Bone Cyclebased on an Australian Aboriginal Song Cycle, looks at loneliness and self-imposed isolation.
Crow Man, Leopard Womanviews the balance of power within a modern relationship through the lens of an African myth.
The Bird Princess treats the westernisation of the modern world through a story from the Himalayas, via a movie from the 1950s.
Signs explores an early Judeo-Christian myth, using the modern language of road signs. Wandering Aengus Two contrasting adaptations of Yeats' poem "The Song of Wandering Aengus" look at, and beneath, the mythic elements.
Jabberwocky plays with inarticulacy and nonsense.
Dusk explores the Medieval Christian mystery traditions, and those universal experiences that words cannot reach.
Lost in Space combines Chinese mythology, Space Exploration and the loneliness of the carer in modern urban life.

The Moon Bone Cycle

A shipwrecked sailor succumbs to lonely madness, and dances with the spirits of the island. The moon rises in the sky for the first time, and the First People tell of their passage across the seas. Mighty Bralbral and The Sisters give names to the land, and the sun sets fire to the first day.

Weighing in at 43 pages, this is the flagship story for the anthology.

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The whole of the moon!

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